Hi there! If you can't see the YouTube video on the on-boarding page, or the music won't load when you select a piece, then it maybe the iPad's Content blocking options that are preventing you from using Let's Play Violin. Follow these easy steps to fix:

TOP TIP: it's easier to do this fix if you know how to fast-switch between apps, so you can refer back to these instructions!
• If your iPad has a Home Button, then click it twice quickly. Then tap on whichever app you want to go to.
• If your iPad doesn't have a Home Button (ie. a newer model), then touch the very bottom of the screen and swipe right to go back to the previous app.


Tap Settings on your home screen
Tap "Screen Time" on the left
Tap "Content & Privacy Restrictions" on the right
Tap "Content Restrictions"
Tap "Web Content"
At the bottom of the screen, tap "Add Website"

Type the following in *both* Title and URL:

TOP TIP: To copy and paste this, simply touch and hold the link until the bubble appears, then tap "Copy". When you've navigated to the place to paste it on, tap on the empty box until the bubble appears, then click "Paste"

When you've added the website in both "Title" and "URL", click the "Web Content" back button at the top.

Then repeat this process twice to add 2 more websites:


To watch the on-boarding video, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/7X-NqKPYeGc?rel=0 

Then use the home button to get back to the home screen, and tap "Let's Play Violin! icon to return to the app.

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