When you use Let's Play Violin, our algorithm listens to your playing and provides you with coloured feedback and a score based on the amount of deviation from the violin part. Therefore, it's at its most accurate when it doesn't hear any other sounds when you're playing.

It's great to be able to practice using our built-in piano accompaniment though! The downside is that our algorithm also hears piano notes in addition to your violin playing, resulting in more red and orange sections (and lower marks) when it hears additional notes from the piano.

To solve this, use headphones to play along to the accompaniment. You can try playing with one ear on, one ear off, if it's easier to hear yourself.

We also support Bluetooth headphones, allowing a wire-free experience.

Alternatively, you can also play the app with an external audio system connected (wired or via Bluetooth) for life-sized piano accompaniment; in that instance, you'll need to disregard the feedback, but enjoy playing for the fun of it!

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