We’re very excited to announce the beta release of our new feedback algorithm. We’ve greatly improved its accuracy, and it can now coach you on HOW to improve your playing.

If you tap on a yellow or red section on the coloured feedback line, you will find suggestions as to how to play it better. 

The finger needs to be placed slightly closer to the scroll. 

The finger needs to be placed slightly further up the fingerboard towards the bridge.

(if it says “50 cents sharp”, it means that that note was half a note (semitone) sharp. If it says “25 cents flat”, the note was 1/4 of a semitone flat)

Wrong Note?
This means that the note was either completely wrong, or sufficiently sharp/flat that it was closer to the next note up/down.

Played over a rest?
This occurs if you hold a note on longer than you should have, and it sounds over where silence should be!

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